Tuesday, December 30, 2008

3 Characteristics of A God-called Preacher

There are certain characteristics of a God-called Preacher, or true minister of the Gospel. For the sake of space, we will cite 3 of the most outstanding ones. Number 1-He is born again--born of the Spirit, born from above, made a new creature in Christ Jesus--and Christ is a living reality to his heart. The God called, ordained preacher knows when he was saved, where he was saved, what he was saved from, and what he was saved to. In other words, he knows the Way of Grace. Number 2-He is chosen, ordained, and called of God to preach the unsearchable riches of the Grace of God, as set forth in God's Word, The Holy Bible. The Ministry Today has been commercialized until it is no longer a calling,and men as a whole, don't believe in The Divine Call to The Ministry. Christ said, ''Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you...'' [John 15;16]. Again, it is said, ''According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world'' [Ephesians 1;4], and according to Romans 1;1, ''called...and separated unto the gospel of God''. God's ministers are divinely called; they do not enter the ministry of their own accord. That call is as definite to them as can be. God doesn't call a preacher by visions, or dreams, or such like. God calls them by His Spirit through the Word, not by audible voices. Number 3-Every true minister of the Gospel is commanded to, and will, preach the Word. No born-again, God-called minister will preach his own opinions or ideas. God's command to every preacher is, ''PREACH THE WORD.'' He will preach The Whole Counsel of God, without fear, or favor--preach it to men as they are. A Hireling, or lost Religionist, will seek to cover up, or explain away,or minimize Blood Redemption in Christ, or Salvation by Grace, and Christ's Second Coming. God never calls a man to misrepresent Him, or preach anything except His Word. God nevers calls a man to exalt anyone but the Lord Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour. God's preacher won't preach error, nor go astray.

Monday, December 29, 2008


The year 2008 is fast drawing to a close, and when it does, we will close the book on the year. we need to also close the book on our failures, sins, and unrealized dreams. The New Year, If God ordains to give it, is another opprtunity to serve Him, and to glorify Him, in all, that we do and say. He has graciously provided the filling of The Spirit, and the divine operating assets of His Word, so that we can do so. God has chosen to use means and men, to accomplish His Purpose and Plan. He is The Potter, and we are the clay. Life is the wheel. The breaking is the marring. Trials and troubles are His appointments.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

What to do in Hard Times

Hard times are coming. The financial situation is getting bad,indeed. What are we to do, Where are we to turn, To who can we turn/ We can do what my parents did,and what your Grandparents did in the 1930's. We can trust in God, we can turn to His church,and we can turn to Him. He has promised to take care of His Children.His power is still the same as it was then. During the 30's people filled the churches, realizing that material things were not so important. Today human government has taken God's place. It can and never will satisfy the vacuum in man's heart. Hard times give us the opportunity to trust God, and to share with others, the Gospel of the Grace of God. So, do not let hard times to discourage you, but let it be an incentitve to keep on serving our Lord.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I have noticed that this year, there are blogs debating How to celebrate Christmas. But nowhere does the Bible say, or tells to observe Christ's Birth. Christmas is not The Babe in The Manger, nor is it, Santa and his pack,but it is Christ, and His Cross. ''Twas the night before Christmas,And all through the world, A message was preached, A challenge was hurled, Believe on The Son and thou shalt be saved; The Road to Heaven, with His Blood was paved. Out of the darkness of sin and despair, Shone God's Light of Salvation, The Fairest of Fair. He was born in a stable, no room in The Inn, And He died on The Cross, to save us from sin.''


A Individual may make a profession, without ever having his or her confidence in his or her own ability shattered. That's because he, or she has been told nothing of his or her need of having a new nature imparted, which is not within his or her power, and consequently,if he or she does not recieve it, he,or she, is not dismayed. He, or she, has never been told it is essential, so he or she sees no reason, to doubt whether he or she is A Christian. In deed, the teaching he or she has come under, militates such doubts arising. It is frequently said, that a man, who has made a decision with little evidence of a change of life may be a ''Carnal'' Christian, needing instruction in holiness, or if the same individual should gradually lose his new found interests, the fault is frequently attributed to lack of ''Follow-up,'' or Prayer, or some other deficiency on the part of the church. The Possibility that these marks of worldliness and falling away are due to the lack of a saving experience, at the outset is rarely considered. If this point were squarely faced, then the whole system of appeals, decisions, and counseling would collapse. This is because it would bring to the fore, the fact, that obtaining a new nature, is not in man's power. It would also show that it takes much longer then a few hours, or days, to establish whether a professed response to the Gospel is geniune. But instead of facing this, it is protested that to doubt whether one who has ''accepted Christ'' is A Christian, is tantamount to denying God's Word, and that to give up altar calls, is to give up EVANGELISM ALTOGETHER.


The Understanding of The Godhead's transcendent purity is necessary to understand Biblical Doctrine. Having The Righteousness of Christ, imputed and imparted, is the only way one can be reconciled to God. We are living in a day, where little is preached, or taught, on the Holiness of God, and as a result, the church's doctrine and ethics have been tarnished. Entertainment has replaced worship, the gospel is misunderstood and neglected, and the church assimilates herself to the culture, instead of seeking to transform it, through the teaching and preaching of the Word of God. Something has to be done, if the church is to regain her saltiness. She must return to holiness, which affects our worship, doctrine, and personal walk in Christ. Today, the sinfulness of sin is not grasped, because the holiness of God is not grasped. Sin will only be understood for what it is, When God is understood for who He is. In both Testaments God calls His people to be a kingdom of priests and a holy nation. Just as the Levtical Priest represented the individual before God, so we represent the lost before God in prayer. Therefore we must be holy, as He is holy.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Yesterday, I said, on a post, on one of Tim Brister's blogs, that because of the apostate state of the Convention, all who adhere to the Doctrines of Grace should withdraw and with other Baptists who adhere to sovereign grace, form a new fellowship of churches and pastors. An Anti-Calvinist, Bob Ross, sent me a link to his blog. He quoted my post, and then went on to say, that Calvinists do not grow by preaching, or by witnessing, but only by stealing members from Southern Baptist Churches, by calling the churches, ''Armenian.'' What a lie.... Those who believe in The Doctrines of Grace, know that through their preaching of the truth of these doctrines, God will bring in His sheep, and the doctrines encourage evangelism on all levels. Independent Baptists, who believe in Sovereign Grace, have built large, substantial works, numbering in the thousands, all over this land. Men such as Harold Sightler, Ralph Sexton Sr, Larry Montgomery, Henry Mahan, and a host of others, have built large local churches, with evangelism, burning in the hearts of the people, by teaching The Doctrines of Grace. Shame on Bob Ross and Charles, in their ''Calvinistic Flyswatter'' for propagating such a lie. Their hatred for the truth, is so intense, that they lie, to advance their unjust, unfounded prejudice against it. May they repent, and God have mercy upon them.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


In Matthew, Chapter 15. a woman from the coasts of Canaan, a Canaanite, a Gentile worshiper of idols, came to Jesus, to seek healing for her daughter, who was sorely vexed with a devil. She cried to Him, ''Jesus, Thou Son of David, have mercy upon me. What was Jesus' response / He answered her not a word. She had no right to use that title. It was the title for the Messiah, promised to the nation of Israel. The disciples who were full of self-importance, said to Jesus, ''Send her away for she crieth after us.''She was not crying after them, but after The Lord. But our Lord answered and said that, He was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Then she came and worshiped Him, she prostrated herself at the feet of Jesus, saying, ''Lord, help me.'' That is, ''My Creator, I come, as one of Your creatures, needing Your help. If You don't help me, then nothing can be done.'' Jesus answered that it was not meet to take The Children's bread, and throw it to the little dogs. She said,''That's true, Lord, yet even the little dogs eat the crumbs which fall from their master's table.'' Then Jesus said, ''O Woman, Great is your faith, let it be to you as you will.'' And her daughter was healed that very hour. I am grateful for the crumbs from Jesus' table. As A Gentile, I was counted as a dog. I had no portion in the covenant and promises made to Israel. I was without God, and Without hope in this world, but one day Jesus came to where I was, and by His death, made me a partaker of the blessing promised to Israel. HALLELUJAH... GLORY TO HIS NAME.....

Monday, December 1, 2008


Only God now has free will. Adam had it, and fell. When Adam fell, his will became enslaved to his old sin nature. John 1;13 tells us, we are not saved by the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. God saves freely by His Grace-Ephesians 2;8-9; Romans 11;6. In regeneration God's people are made willing by the power of The Holy Spirit. Psalm 110;3 says They are made willing in the day of his power. Keep in mind, God is not obligated to save any one. He could have left the whole human race go to Hell. But, in His Mercy and Grace, and to fulfill His Eternal Purpose, He chose to save a certain number of the race, chose them in Christ, and wrote their names in the Lamb's book of life before He created this world [Rev. 13;8]. PRAISE HIS NAME. HALLELUJAH.....

Sunday, November 30, 2008


We are commanded by God, ''Be ye holy, for I am holy.'' Paul in The Book of Hebrews says that ''without holiness no man shall see the Lord. We were sanctified [set apart] positionally at the moment of our initial conversion experience. This is our Standing before God. Now we need to set ourselves apart unto God from whatever comes in between us and Him, in our daily living. Worldliness runs unchecked in our churches. Worldliness has made us dress and act like the world, and go to the same places, and seek the same pleasures as the lost do. Christ died that we might be His people, and the sheep of His pasture. He tells us ''Come out, and be ye separate from the world, and touch not the unclean thing, and I will receive you.'' To be an effective witness, we must be separated unto God from the World. The world is watching us, and when we give in to our old natures, they will say, ''I thought you said you were A Christian, that Christ has changed you.'' This brings reproach not only on us, but on our Lord. So Be ye holy, as He is holy, in all things, you do or say.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Abortion is premeditated murder

Since The Bible says, God knew us, when we were in our Mother's womb, abortion other than to save the life of the Mother is premeditated Murder. Our Nation has innocent blood on its hands, that God will soon judge. God hates and must punish sin. Believers are free, For Christ bore their punishment. Our Nation has forgotten The God of its founding Fathers, and will soon bear God's Wrath. God may use sin to punish its sin. God's Mercy is holding back His Judgment. When we turn our back on Israel, we will be cursed of God, and will be punished for our many national sins. Our only hope is a revival and a spiritual awakening. May God send it in His Mercy, is my fervent prayer.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


As born again ones, we are to always speak the truth, and lie not one to another. But we are to speak the truth in love, not belittling or ridiculing others for their lack of light and knowledge. No two believers are at the same level of maturity and have the same degree of light, as the other. Therefore, we are to use meekness and humility in dealing with others. But too often we are guilty of having a cocksure and a combative spirit. we are not to compromise the truth, but we are not to be contentious in our contending for the body of truth, God has committed to us.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Baptists and Catholics

Today my comment was refused on a blog because I said, ''A Catholic and a Baptist can not sleep in the same bed unless one is asleep.'' Catholics believe in salvation by works; Baptists believe Salvation is by grace. Catholics believe Mary is the mother of God; Baptists believe she is the mother of Christ's humanity. Catholics bow before statutes in worship;Baptists believe in worshiping God ''in Spirit and in truth.'' Catholics pray to Mary; Baptists pray to the Father in the name of Jesus Christ. Catholics believe in Baptismal Regeneration; Baptists believe in Spirit Regeneration. Catholics say Mary was virgin born, and was sinless; Luke says she worshiped God her Saviour. Catholics SAY THERE IS NO SALVATION OUTSIDE OF THEIR CHURCH; Baptists used to believe salvation is only in Christ. Catholic believe the bread and wine are changed into the literal blood and flesh of Christ; Baptists believe that they are only symbols. Catholics believe the pope is the vicar of Christ; Baptists believe Christ Himself is is reigning,

TUESDAY, NOV 25, 1980

Tuesday, November 25, 1980 is a day that will forever be etched on mind and heart. On that day I lost my greatest friend on this earth, and my greatest prayer warrior, my Momma. She had gone into the hospital on election day, after voting , to get her legs operated on. But her kidneys were giving out, and they couldn't operate. on the Saturday night, NOV 19TH, SHE HAD AWAKENED AND WAS COMPLAINING OF A HEADACHE. THE NEXT AFTERNOON I FOUND HER IN A COMMA. SHE WAS PUT ON A DIALYSIS MACHINE ON MONDAY, BUT IT WAS TOO LATE. My brother Stan had to make the hard decision to take her off. Tuesday while at the church, where I was associate pastor, I received the call that she was going to die. I rushed to Holy cross Hospital, to wait. I waited all day. Finally shortly after 10;00 pm eastern time, the nurse came out and said she was going. my late brother and sister, Vernon and Irene, her Daughter Delores and I went into her room. I took her by the hand, and prayed that the Lord would help her make the crossing over Death's river. at 10;15 HER HEART STOPPED BEATING, and SHE was gone. She wasn't perfect, but she would often pray all night long. Many times I saw her kneeling when I went to bed, and when I got up, she was still kneeling in prayer. SHE LOVED ALL HER CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN. I Thank God I had a praying Momma. Here's remembering you, Momma. I love you and miss you. I will see you soon.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Receiving God's Word

The Lord, through James bids us, ''receive with meekness the engrafted word'' [James 1;21]. Our first duty is NOT to understand The Word, but to receive it. So many fail at this point; they are not prepared to receive what The Bible says--on election, on baptism, on separation from Christ-dishonoring churches, on The Law etc-until they think they have understood it. That is, because of PRIDE. Scripture must be made to bow to their intellect, rather than their intellect to the BIBLE.... Another reason Why many fail, is SELF-WILL; What the Bible says crosses their desires and conflicts with their views. That's why James says ''receive with meekness.'' meekness is pliability of spirit, moldablleness of heart, being clay in the potter's hands.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

''Come Ye Thankful People Come''

From the Pilgrims in the Bay Colony, to the Thanksgiving Proclamation of Abraham Lincoln, to our day, our nation has celebrated Thanksgiving Day. But for those, who know Jesus and the free pardon of sin, everyday is a day for thanksgiving. Someone has so aptly said. ''Thanksgiving calls for Thanks Living. Just think, our God loved us so much, as to reach down, in love, and save us. He didn't have to save us. He could have left us in our sin, and sent us to Hell. But, Praise The Lord, He didn't. He let us be born in a land, with the freedom to worship Him in public, with out fear of death or imprisonment, or torture. As we gather with our loved ones and friends, let us thank our God for His multiplied blessings. If you know Him, you will not be alone this Holiday. HE WILL NEVER LEAVE, NOR FORSAKE YOU. HALLELUJAH, WHAT A SAVIOUR....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Why I Believe The Doctrines of Grace

People have called me A Calvinist. I have never read any of John Calvin's works, nor do I intend to. I believe what is called The Doctrines of Grace, for I find them interwoven throughout the Word of God. I AM NOT FOLLOWING ANY MAN OUTSIDE OF JESUS CHRIST, THE GOD-MAN. What I know I know by Divine Revelation. The Holy Spirit revealed the truths to me as I read The Holy Bible. I did not receive the doctrines through men, but through God's Spirit illuminating the page. Therefore I am A Biblicist. I BELIEVE THE BIBLE IS GOD'S WRITTEN, PRESERVED WORD TO MANKIND.

Monday, November 17, 2008


''Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might'' [Ecclesiastes 9;10], which means, put your very best into it, do it as unto The Lord Himself, whether it be manual labor, work in the office, or domestic things. Now, Listen; SLACKNESS AND CARELESSNESS ARE INEXCUSABLE IN A CHILD OF GOD. He should always present a model and example of conscientiousness, painstaking care, and exactness. God requires obedience to His commands. Unless your reading of the Bible, make you a better worker in the office, more conscientious and reliable, it has profited you very little. And unless you obey Him in little things, God will not call you ever to minister from a pulpit.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Why do we allow Satan to divide us /

I am a firm believer in The doctrines of Grace. Yet I realize, unless The Holy Spirit reveals these truths, one will never know them. No one has the corner on ALL the Truth. And what I know, I know by revelation. But Baptists fighting one another, is a diversion of Satan to keep us from our real task, evangelizing the lost. As long as one does not fight the doctrines of Grace, I can, and will work with him, realizing that everything done in the energy of The Spirit, and only that done through His anointing, will accomplish God's Will and Purpose. The hour is late, Christ's Coming draws nigh, it's time for all Baptists, to quit their differences, and unite, to carry out The Great Commission. WHAT DO YOU THINK/ DO YOU AGREE OR DISAGREE/

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


A Non-giving Christian is a contradiction and a misnomer. We read, ''For God so loved....that he gave.'' Christians are not only to labor, to provide for their own households, but also, so that they can give to those who have not, because of sicknesses and adversities. I John 3;14-16 should be practiced by every believer. When a Brother or Sister is in genuine need, you are to meet that need. Christians are to show love one to another, so that others may know that they are Christ's Disciples [John 13;35]. Love Gives. Love sacrifices for others. Many[like me] have to live on limited incomes, because they are disabled, or sick, and cannot work. the believer, the local church is to see to their needs.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Waves of The Holy Ghost

Now I'm not a Charismatic, neither have I ever attended their meetings, nor have I ever gone to an Assembly, or Church of God. But I have felt The Spirit at times, like a electric current hit me in the forehead and then going through out my body. It first happened at a Baptist Camp Meeting, and then at a Baptist Church. It's always good to have a little bit of Heaven to go to heaven in. Tabernacle Baptist Church, under the late Harold B. Sightler had 39 years of continuous Revival. Oh that it would happen again.... Oh, how we need a Holy Spirit gully washer TO RID US OF THE TRASH in our lives.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Veterans Day

Veterans Day is November 11th. It is good to pause and thank those who served in the armed forces, to keep our Country free. I am also thankful for some other veterans, those who fought the good fight of faith, and delivered unto us, The Bible in English, and who set precedents in the Church. I am thankful for fearless preachers of the past, who were willing to die, for the faith, once delivered unto the saints. I am thankful for those Prayer Warriors who interceded for my soul, and for those who pray for me daily. Lets honor these veterans, not just one day, each year, but everyday by doing our duty as citizens of our country, but most of all, as Children of God.

Monday, November 3, 2008


It is time for God's Church to return to the old time way. When men filled with and energized by The Holy Spirit would stand up, and boldly proclaim ''Thus saith The Lord.'' The moral degeneracy of our churches calls for it. If it doesn't happen soon, the valid question will be, ''When The Lord comes again, will He find Faith on The Earth/'' Apostasy runs rampant. Men have elevated their own prejudices above God's Word. Instead of The Word judging them, they sit in judgment upon The Word. OH that once more the Holy Ghost would move upon the church. Oh that, men would boldly stand and preach The Truth regardless of what the cost was for them. Oh that The Church would influence the world, and not the world, the church. This is a call for Prayer and to Fasting. Oh how we need GOD.


Often, when someone loses, his or her spouse, or child, or, other loved ones, we hear it said , ''Now, I have no reason to live.'' But for the Child of God, One who has been saved by the Grace of God, he has one main reason to live; to glorify The Son of God, by living a life of faith in Him, and by obeying His Word. When we were saved, God could have taken us Home to Heaven, but, instead he left us here, to represent Him, and to take The Gospel to others. Although God has elected certain individuals to salvation, we don't know who, or where they are. God has chosen, that through the foolishness of preaching, He would save them that believe. CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEF, ELECTION IS A ENCOURAGEMENT FOR EVANGELISM. I CAN PREACH, TEACH, AND WITNESS, WITH CONFIDENCE, THAT GOD'S SHEEP WILL HEAR, AND BE LED TO A CONVERSION EXPERIENCE. The one reason to live is to honor, and glorify The Son of God, The Lord Jesus Christ.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


The problems we are facing in our beloved Country cannot be solved by a political party, nor by man. Our only Help, our only resource is God Himself. Change will come, when God's people want it enough, to lay a hold of The Horns of The Prayer Altar. Whoever wins the election, we must pray for. we should pray that the new President will surround himself with good counsel, and make moral decisions, in leading our Nation back to God. God says the king's heart is in His hand, and He turns it whither soever He Wills. God sets rulers up, and takes rulers down. Romans 13 tells us to obey those in authority, as they are God's ministers. II Chronicles 7;14 is what we need to go by--we must humble ourselves, confess our sins, and ask God to heal our Land.


It was Wednesday night, November 2, 1966. I got back home from Prayer Meeting, to find the house in disarray. The phone started ringing, a voice said my Dad had had a heart attack, and was rushed to the Holy Cross Hospital. I started for the door, and there was a knock. There stood My Dad's Pastor, Lex Smith and a Deacon, Lloyd Collins. They told me my Dad had died. EARLIER THAT DAY, DAD TOLD ME THAT HE WOULDN'T BE THERE THAT TIME NEXT YEAR. God had forewarned him of his demise. HE WASN'T A PERFECT MAN AND FATHER. But he was GODLY MAN, and I saw him witness to the lost many times. He kept me under the means of grace. I was only 21 when he went home at the age of 63. Now I am 63, with an identical heart problem. If I can be only half the man he was, I'd be happy. Here's remembering you Dad.


Time.... Time changes things. Time has made changes in our physical appearance. Time has made a change in our old home place. Time has made a change in all our friends and in us. Time is precious. It needs to be redeemed for our Lord's Cause. Time is ever fleeting; It is hastening on until it will end someday, in either Heaven or Hell for men. Today is the only time we have. Today is the appointed time for our salvation. We are not promised Time for tomorrow. Don't waste your time. Don't let time slip through your fingers. Now, it is high time to awaken out of sleep. Buy up time and use it for The Lord's Glory. Brethren it is the last times. Let us stir ourselves, and be up and going. Now is the only time we have. Paul W. Foltz DD

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Humanly speaking hope is a wish, or a strong desire for something. Biblically, Hope is a firm assurance, or conviction based upon a settled fact. The Blessed Hope is the assurance we have from God's Word, that The Lord will come to receive unto Himself, His Church. The Bible says ''hope maketh not one ashamed.'' When one is fully persuaded, or firmly convinced about a matter, from God's Word, he will not be ashamed, but will boldly proclaim it. The Bible also says ''hope, which we have as an anchor.'' When we are told something by God, in His Word, and believe and act upon it, it will stabilize us, in this life. I Thank God for the Hope He has given me.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


I give up trying to live the Christian Life, by the energy of the flesh. I give trying to get people saved, taking the prerogative of The Holy Spirit, into my own hands. I give up forcing my own prejudices on others. I give up trying to get others to love me. I give up my life, my heart and soul, unto God, to do with me, as He pleases. I give up my own pleasure, that The Lord's cause may advance. I give up my hopes, dreams, ambitions, surrendering to God's Will for me. Yes, I give up..... Paul W. Foltz DD

Monday, October 27, 2008


How sad it is that a church will celebrate Halloween, or just change the name, and call it a Fall Festival. The church is not to amuse, or entertain, it is to preach and teach the Word of God. We are not to love the world, nor partake of its customs. We are to be a separated, holy people, living in the world, but not being of it. ''LOVE NOT THE WORLD, NEITHER THE THINGS THAT ARE IN THE WORLD. IF ANY MAN LOVE THE WORLD, THE LOVE OF THE FATHER IS NOT IN HIM.''

Friday, October 24, 2008


In nature, the fall comes before the winter. It is the time when the leaves turn their color, and the nights grow cooler, all heralding the oncoming winter season. But Spiritually, the Winter comes first. WE WERE DEAD IN TRESPASSES AND SINS UNTIL The Holy Spirit awoke us. Then He Regenerated us, giving us a new life. This is comparable to Spring. Then we entered the Summer time of growth. This is followed by the fall, when we are getting ready to go to our Heavenly Home. So as we consider The Fall, let's look forward to our Lord's soon Return.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


For the Christian, Mc Cain is the only choice for President. Homosexuals have only one right, to repent , and get saved, and get out of their sin, or reject Christ, and go to Hell. Romans 1 tells us God has given them over to a reprobate mind. Abortion is Premeditated Murder.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Rev. John Hunt, in his first address, as the SBC President called for a resurgence in carrying out the Great Commission, by glossing over the [minor /] differences in theology, existing within the Convention. But there can be no Biblical evangelism without The Doctrines of Grace being faithfully taught and Preached. Salvation is not a decision for Christ, is not a Profession of Faith, is not asking Christ to come into ones' heart, but it is Christ revealed to the sinner as his Absolute Lord and all-sufficient Saviour, by The Holy Spirit, through the Word of God. It is knowing Christ intimately, and walking with Him every day.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


W hat kind of Preacher is your Pastor/ Is he one who feels free to speak whatever comes into his mind, or what might please his congregation, or is he, by personal calling and Scripture, bound to the preaching of what the Bible says/ The Bible is the only true, God-inspired Book in the world. When understood and followed, it leads to everlasting joy with God. One thing, we can thank God, and trace back to the Reformation for, is the recovery of The Supreme Authority of Scripture Authority over church authority. My preaching is tied to The Bible [AV 1611]. That's why I like to Preach through its books. Here are some of the differences between preaching tied to God's Word and free range preaching, which leans toward entertainment. 1. The difference between the two is the connection of the preacher's words to the Bible as to what authorizes what he says. The entertainment preacher is not tied to an authoritative book in what he says. What he says doesn't seem to be shaped and constrained by any authority outside of himself. He is untied to objective authority. The entertainment preacher is at ease, talking about many things, not drawn out of the Bible. His words are interesting, or fun. but his words do not portray him as God's Man standing before God's people, delivering God's message. The Bible-oriented Preacher, on the other hand, sees himself as God's representative to God's people, to deliver a message from God. He trembles, as an unworthy servant, under the authority of the Bible. He knows the only way he can deliver God's message, is by absorbing it, and saturating it with God's own revelation in the Bible. His preaching causes his hearers to feel less entertained than struck at God's Greatness and the power of His Word.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Why did Christ die/

According to Romans 3;25-26, He died to vindicate God's Righteousness. For centuries God had been forbearing [passing over] man's sin. And this demeaned His glory. It said His Glory and Righteous Rule is of little, or no value. So God rather than vindicating His Glory by slaying His people, vindicated it by slaying His Son. God could have settled all accounts by punishing all sinners with Hell. But He did not Will to destroy. Now we know that God is for us. We know that our salvation is His goal in sending Jesus. But, do we know that there is a deeper goal, in sending the Son/ Do we know that God's love for us depends on a deeper love, God's love for His Own Glory/ Do we know that God's passion to save sinners, rests on a deeper passion, namely His passion to vindicate His Righteousness/ The vindication of God's Glory is the GROUND of our salvation, and the exultation of God's Glory is the GOAL of our salvation. The cross is the pinnacle of God's love for sinners, because it vindicates the value of God, for sinners, to enjoy. It is a call to exultation in God's exaltation.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Judgmental, Legalistic Preachers

Yesterday, I was sick, so I sent out an Email to request prayer. I told them I had a virus with the running of the bowels, and would not attend church last night. This morning one of my supposed preacher brethren sent me an email saying, ''Shame on you, not going to church is one of the worst sins you can commit''. What did he expect me to do/ Go and run to the bathroom every five minutes or so, and give it to everyone else/ I am not above criticism, but real sickness is an bonifide reason, to stay at the house. Hebrews 10;26 does not apply to verse 25, but to the bringing in of sacrifices, mentioned in the first part of Chapter 10.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Yesterday, I wrote on ''Appalling Ignorance'', and no sooner had I posted it them someone wrote that he had secretly raptured the church, and had saved millions from hell. That's Only Jesus Christ's prerogative. No man has the right, nor power to do so. That someone would respond as he did, shows his utter lack of Biblical Knowledge and that he is still in his lost, totally depraved condition, and is on his way to hell. All that God wants us to know, be, and do, He has written in The Bible. It alone is to define everything about us.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Apalling ignorance

Today there's an appalling lack of Bible knowledge even among those who profess to believe The Bible and The Doctrines of Grace. God puts no premium on ignorance, and will not accept it as an excuse, when we stand before Him, either as believers before The Judgment Seat Of Christ, after The Rapture of The Church, or if you are lost, at The Great White Throne Judgment at the end of the Millennium. To make statements, without it being backed up by Scripture, is to act very foolishly. To attack a fellow saint is to go against God's Word, and not to display love, which we are commanded to do. No one has the corner on all the truth, and when we get to Glory, we will all find where we were wrong. Knowledge of The Bible will guard us from making many foolish statements, and doing many foolish things. So Study to show yourselves approved unto God

Paradise was moved

In a post on a blog, I read one saying that Dr. Adrian Rogers is in hades awaiting the resurrection. This statement was made by one unlearned. When Christ arose He led all the saved in Paradise to Heaven [Ephesians 4], and since then, ''To be absent from the body is to be present with the lord.'' Christ said to the Thief, ''Today thou shalt be with me in paradise'' -hell, but Paul said he was caught up to paradise, into the third heaven, showing Christ had moved it.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Spiritual Gifts

Every one saved by God's Grace has been endowed with at least one spiritual gift. No one has all the gifts, and few have the same gift. Every gift is important, and is needed for the Body of Christ to function properly. No gift is greater than another. Through the Filling of the Spirit, we can ascertain what our gift is. This is the duty of each one of us.


On july 7th the hard drive went out. But thanks to my brother, I am back again.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Replacement Theology

One of the most erroneous doctrines, circulating even among Calvinists, is that of Replacement Theology, I.E. The Church has replaced Israel, and therefore all the earthly promises given to Israel have to be spiritualized, and applied to the church. God's plan or purpose can never be defeated, nor thwarted. He has a distinct plan for Israel as His Earthly people, as the wife of Jehovah. Likewise He has a distinct plan for The Church, The Lamb's wife. The Church is not a parenthesis, nor is it a replacement for a failed plan. Apart from making these distinctions, one makes havoc of God's Word. One of the proofs that The Bible is inspired is The Jew. No other nation moved off the scene, and reappeared 2500 years later. The Replacement Theologian can't read. The Bible always means what it says, to whom it says it, Where it says it. Holding that God has 2 purposes, one can make sense of The Word. apart from this, mass confusion results, and contradictions appear.

what kind of calvinist are you

In a previous post; ''A New Fellowship Is Needed'' I said, that due to the election of a staunch Anti- Calvinist, as President, of the SBC, A new fellowship is needed for all Sovereign Grace Baptists. As hopefully made, as that statement was, it is impossible, for there are two kinds of Calvinists; 1. The cold Intellectual [I have found which marks many in the Reformed movement in the SBC] 2. Those with a heart-burning, compassionate Form of Calvinism. The Doctrines of Grace should give fire and an ardent compassion to those who hold to them. That which effects only the head, but not the heart, is worthless, dead, and borders on a legalistic attitude towards those who do not believe the Doctrines. This form earmarks those who will stay within the Convention. They tenaciously hold on to their position, but effect little change in others. I do not want to be associated with that kind of a Calvinist, who are dead from the heart upward. God give us Preachers, who believe in grace, so that they preach and teach with fire and holy boldness the Gospel. Paul W. Foltz DD

Monday, June 23, 2008


In this Day of rising Gasoline and food prices, and poor economic conditions worldwide. We, who know Christ as our Lord and Saviour have absolutely not one reason for worry, or for fear. Our God still reigns, and will meet the needs of His children as promised.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


With the election of a staunch anti-Calvinist as President of The Southern Baptist Convention, it is time for all those in the founders movement, to access their goal of reinstating the Convention to its original Doctrinal stand, and instead pull out of it, and with all other Baptists, holding to The Doctrines of Grace, to form a new fellowship, and to promote harmony, use only the King James Bible, in the churches. The fellowship shall consist of the pastors and elders of the local churches, who shall elect its officers from among themselves, recognizing each local assembly as self governing and autonomous. There is no cure for apostasy but Judgment. And The Southern Baptist Convention is ripe for it. Paul W. Foltz DD

Thursday, June 12, 2008


There is no other resting place for one's heart except The Sovereignty of God. it is much to be thankful for, when one's understanding is enlightened to perceive the fact of God's Absolute Supremacy. He is, indeed ''The Most High,'' Governor of heaven and earth, Imperial Disposer of all creatures and all events. What are the intellectual and practical effects, produced by this fact, daily, within us/ It is this-''In all thy ways acknowledge Him.'' First, I acknowledge Him as my Sovereign Lord, as the One Who has the unquestioned right to entire submission from me. Second, I ''acknowledge him'' as the One upon Whom I am completely dependent for all things, without Whose blessing, nothing I do, can prosper. Third, I ''acknowledge him'' as the One, Whom I desire to honor and glorify, seeking to please Him, in every detail of my life. It cannot be expected , that those who repudiate His Sovereign Supremacy should take this attitude before Him. No, they are free-will agents, deciders of their own destiny, and therefore lords over themselves. Hence, SELF governs all their thinking, planning, and actions. But it should be far otherwise, with those who, by distinguishing mercy, have had their eyes opened to see God, upon His Throne. Their daily prayer must be for God, to graciously bring their hearts, under the power of this great truth, that they may conduct themselves AS the submissive and loyal subjects of this Sovereign, and that by acknowledging Him in all their ways. May this be true of each of us, for His Name's sake.


The election of a staunch anti-Calvinist as President of the SBC, SHOWS US IT IS TIME FOR ALL THOSE WHO BELIEVE THE DOCTRINES OF GRACE, TO COME OUT, AND SEPARATE THEMSELVES FROM IT. There is no cure for apostasy, but judgment. There is a need for all Calvinistic Baptists to come together under the banner of A Sovereign Grace Baptist, and form a fellowship, burning all ties to the apostate Southern Baptist Convention. Why support a program and missions, which deny the Doctrines of Grace/ God does not compromise, why then should you/

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


There is an order to God's decrees, or eternal counsels. God first ordained the end, and then the means necessary to secure that end. God's grand end was the glorification of Himself by the Mediator. To that end the Triune God first predestined that the Second Person should take, a created, natural manhood, into union with Himself, so that this manhood in union with the Logos, should be his ''fellow,'' the ''delight'' of His soul. These references refer to the eternal decree, to unite manhood to the person of the Logos [I Peter 1;20; Isaiah 42;2, Colossians 1;15. Second, to the grand end that the Triune God should be glorified by the Mediator, God ordained that the God-man should be the Head of a people, church, family, taken into union with Himself,which people he ''blessed with all spiritual blessings'' in heavenly places [Ephesians 1;3]-which spiritual blessings are listed in Ephesians 1;6. Third, God purposed the entrance of sin, and the Fall of His people, in their natural ''head,'' to make way for the glorifying of Himself by the redemptive work of Christ. The church was given to Christ, as His Bride and Body altogether apart from and before His fore-view of sin, as Eve in her purity was given to Adam before his Fall. Thus, Christ sustains a dual relation to the church; note the order in Ephesians 5;23-''Christ [first] the Head of the Church, and [second] He is the Saviour of the Body.''

Monday, May 12, 2008


Jesus said,''Take my yoke upon you and learn of me, for I am meek and lowly in heart'' [Matthew 11;29]. Practically, we can only be united to Christ, by taking His yoke upon us, which denotes submission to His will, and subjection to His authority, in order to be ruled by Him. Not until we have voluntarily taken His yoke, can we experimentally learn of Him. And we need to be taught this ''For I am meek and lowly in heart. Meekness is the opposite of self-assertiveness, and yet, is a force. Our Lord was humble, and it behooves us, as His children, to imitate our Lord, in His humility. God hates all forms of pride-pride of race, pride of grace, and pride of face.

Friday, May 9, 2008


Paul, writing to The Ephesians said, ''Giving thanks always for all things unti God and the Father, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.'' What a high standard this is. Yet we should prayerfully and constantly strive after it. It is both for His Glory, and our good, that we do so, for there is a wonderful power in praise, to lift the heart ABOVE the disappointments and trials, of this earthly life. One reason, why God's people dwell so much in Meshech is because they do so little praising.... A Individual asked me recently, what was the best way, to overcome a cold heart and a 'bound' spirit, when praying. I told him to begin praising the Lord, as soon as he dropped on his knees, that he was not already in Hell. ''Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ'' [Ephesians 5;20]. An example of obedience to this precept is found in Daniel 6;10-''Now when Daniel knew that the writing was signed, he went into his own house; and his windows being opened in his chamber towards Jerusalem, he kneeled upon his knees three times a day, and prayed, and gave thanks before his God, AS HE DID AFORETIME.'' HOW this manifests the supernatural character, of divine grace.... It takes more than an effort of will [the best a poor natural man knows of] to act THUS.... Compare also Acts 16;25.... You may be whispering, ''But Brother Foltz, we can no more bring ourselves to praise God, no more beget in ourselves the spirit of real thanksgiving, than we can make the sky pour down rain on the parched land.'' That is quite true, but to dwell on our impotency gets us nowhere, nor does it produce any fruit to God's glory. LISTEN; I can no more impart good health to my body, than I can create a tree. True, but [1] I can damage and undermine the health, I already have. [2] I can use those means, which, under God's blessing, are conducive to good health. So it is spiritually. I can dwell upon my aches and pains, worries ans woes, till the spirit of praise is STIFLED.... WHY NOT DWELL UPON GOD'S MERCIES AND BLESSINGS IN EPHESIANS/


King Solomon, in the Book of Proverbs, Chapter 3 exhorts; ''In all thy ways acknowledge him.'' First, I '' acknowledge Him'' as my Sovereign Lord, as the One, Who has unquestioned right to entire submission from me. Second, I ''acknowledge Him'' as the One, upon Whom I am completely dependent for all things, without Whose blessing, nothing I do, will prosper. Third, I ''acknowledge Him'' as the One, Whom I desire to honor and glorify, seeking to please Him, in every detail of my life. It can't be expected, that those who repudiate His Sovereign Supremacy, should have this attitude toward Him. No, they are free-will agents, deciders of their own destiny, and therefore, lords over themselves. Hence SELF governs all their thinking, planning, and actions. But It should be far otherwise with those, who, by distinguishing mercy, have had their eyes opened to see God upon His Throne. Their daily prayer must be that God would bring them under the power of this truth, that by acknowledging the Lord in all things, they may conduct themselves, as submissive and loyal subjects of This Sovereign..

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church-Part Four

From Acts 2;42, another characteristic of A Sovereign Grace Baptist Church is that; A Sovereign Grace Baptist Church is a fellowship of believers, united to Christ, and united to one another in Christ. It is more than a group of people, with their names on the same church roll. It is a fellowship of believers, committed to one another, committed to the furtherance of the gospel, committed to the glory of God and the will of God, and committed to the building of God's Church and kingdom, the salvation of God's Elect, because they are committed to Christ. ''Fellowship'' as the word, is used in Acts 2;42, is commitment to one another. It is such a total commitment, that it caused those earthly believers to hold all their possessions in common, none considering that the things they possessed, were their own. No wonder God used them, so greatly. 3rd, A SOVEREIGN GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH IS A CHURCH, WHICH LIVES, IN THE REMEMBRANCE AND EXPECTATION, OF THE lORD JESUS CHRIST. Every time the church came together in the Book of Acts, they observed The Lord's Supper. They ate the unleavened bread and drank the wine in remembrance of Christ's Incarnation, obedience, and death, as their Substitute, and in expectation of His promised return. However, the constant observance of this blessed ordinance was much more, than a religious ritual to them. Those saints observed the ordinance, as a representation of their heart's attitude regarding these things. A Sovereign Grace, Gospel Church, is a church, whose very existence is the remembrance and expectation of Christ. Then, next, A SOVEREIGN GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH IS A WORSHIPPING CHURCH. There are many who seem always to live in the past. They fight the battles of the past. They hold to creeds, of the past. They glory in past revivals. We live in, minister to, and serve the present, by prayer, that is to say, in the worship of God, our Saviour. A Sovereign Gospel Church, is a church of Worshippers, who continue ''in prayers,'' who continue in the worship of God. They worship God, after the due order, prescribed in God's Word, relating to all matters of public worship. They worship God continually. When you find such a church, if you are a believer, unite with it. Devote yourself to it. Spend your life, and the energies of your life building it, for Christ's Glory, and your own good. No value can be put to such a privilege. No cost can be compared to it. -END-

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church-Part Two

Last time, we said one of the 4 characteristics of which characterize a sovereign grace church is that it adheres to ''the doctrines of the apostles.'' That The Doctrines of Grace are these doctrines are shown by these Scripture references. 1. God Almighty is absolutely sovereign in all things, specifically in predestination, creation, providence, and salvation [Romans 8;28-30; 11;33-36]. 2. Everything that comes to pass in time was predestined by God in eternity and is brought to pass by God in providence for the salvation of His elect [Romans 8;28- 30; Ephesians 1;11]. 3. God sovereignly chose some of Adam's fallen race to eternal life in Christ, before the world began [Ephesians 1;3-6; 2 Thessalonians 2;13-14]. 4. The Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died for and redeemed those sinners, chosen to salvation, in eternity, and called to life and faith in Him in time [Hebrews 9;12; Revelation 5;9]. 5. God The Holy Spirit regenerates and calls every chosen, redeemed sinner to life and faith in Christ by the irresistible power of His grace through the preaching of the Gospel [Romans 1;16-17; 10;13-17; I Corinthians 1;21-23; James 1;18; I Peter 1;23-25]. 6. Every Sinner born again by God's free, sovereign, irresistible grace, is kept in life and faith in Christ, by the same grace, unto eternal glory, being sealed in Christ, by The Holy Spirit [Ephesians 1;13-14]. 7. All Who are born of God, being redeemed by Christ, are forever and entirely free from the law [Romans 6;14-15; 7;4; 10;4]. Yet, There is much more to A Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, than adherence to these points of orthodox doctrine. We hold to, adore, and preach these doctrines, as the works, and grace, and blessings of God in Christ. WE RECOGNIZE THAT, THE GOSPEL IS NOT A THEORY, BUT A PERSON, AND THAT PERSON IS OUR GLORIOUS SAVIOUR, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. To preach The Word of God is to preach the gospel [I Peter 1;25]; and to preach the gospel is to preach Christ [Acts 20;17; I Corinthians 2;2]. This is What it is, to continue steadfastly in the Apostles' doctrine. It is to continue steadfastly in the preaching and worship of the Lord Jesus Christ, as He is set forth in the Apostles' Doctrine. 37 times in the Book of Acts, you will find the words, ''preach, '' ''preaching,'' ''Preached'' used. Every time, the subject is Jesus Christ. THAT IS NOT GOSPEL PREACHING, OR APOSTOLIC, OR BIBLICAL PREACHING, WHICH DOES NOT HAVE CHRIST, FOR ITS SUBJECT.

What is a Sovereign Grace Baptist Church/

Whenever and Wherever I go to preach, or teach God's Word, the question is ultimately asked, ''What is A Sovereign Grace Baptist Church/ This comes about, when people hear me teach or preach, for they realize immediately, that I am not associated with a free will Arminian Church, or, a legalized reformed congregation. They understand quickly, that I am a Baptist, but not like any, they have ever met. The first question, they ask about my church association is; ''What kind of Church, are you a member of/'' I reply, ''A Sovereign Grace Baptist Church. ''What is that/,'' they ask. I answer, ''IT IS A LOCAL CHURCH, WHICH ADHERES TO THE WORD OF GOD ALONE, AS ITS STANDARD AND RULE OF FAITH AND PRACTICE.'' At Grace Baptist Church, in Ponce De Leon, Fl, We are not at all bashful about identifying our doctrine, and confessing it before men, and proclaiming it from the housetops. Our church is not ruled, or governed, or obligated, in any way, to any creed, or confession of faith, of less inspiration than, ''Thus saith The Word of The Lord.'' Every doctrine we preach, every ordinance we practice, and every part of out public worship, is demanded by the plain statements of Holy Scripture. Having said that A Sovereign Grace Baptist Church adheres to The Word of God, we turn to Acts 4;42, where The Holy Spirit describes the characteristics of the first assembly of believers, after our Lord's ascension. There, We are told, ''And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.'' There are 4 things, mentioned in this verse, which characterize a Gospel Church, a Sovereign Grace Church. A Sovereign Grace Church adheres to ''the apostles' doctrine.'' That is, to say,We believe and incessantly preach the Doctrine of the Apostles, exactly as they did. The doctrine of the Apostles included all those glorious God hon0ring, Christ exalting, flesh abasing doctrines, referred to as Calvinism, or The Doctrines of Grace. No one has a right to the name, ''Christian,'' as it is used in the New Testament, who does not believe these doctrines; and no man is a Gospel Preacher, who does not preach them. I won't try to defend them but I will give you Some Scripture references, which show, that these doctrines, are the doctrines of the Apostles, in our next post.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Why Those Holding to The Doctrines of Grace Are Hated.

The people who believe in, and proclaim the Doctrines of Grace are hated because; 1. People think if you believe them, you won't be a witness for the Lord. 2. The Doctrines humble man, strip him of self glory and self boasting. 3. A misconception of the character of God. 1. The Doctrines encourage evangelism, for I can preach, teach testify, witness, pass out tracts, with the confidence, that God has His sheep out there, who will come in, when they hear the Gospel. 2 . The Doctrines ascribe all of Salvation to the Lord. It excludes all human works, and merit, and demerit. 3. God is basically a God of Justice. His love is extended, because Christ paid to Justice, the debt of all that His Father gave Him.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Putting Things in Their Rightful Place

When reading The Holy Bible, We must know that while all Scripture is written for us, not all is written to us. Genesis, chapters 1-11 is written to the human race. Genesis 12 through the Gospel of John is written to Israel. Acts is a transitional, going from Israel to the church in Acts, chapters 1-8. Acts 9-the book of Philemon, written to the Church. Hebrews and James, written to Israel. I Peter through Jude, written to Church. Revelation 1-4;2 deals with church Revelation 4;3-end of chapter 18 deals with Israel. Revelation 19-22-deals with Church. Paul W. Foltz


One must keep in mind, that there are two, distinct, groups of people elected by God. there is those of elect Israel, God's earthly elect people, who will inherit the new earth. And there is The Church, God's elect heavenly people, who will be with Christ, throughout Eternity. both are chosen by the Father. The nation Israel for Jehovah's wife, and the Church, as the Lamb's wife. Though both are elected, their destinies are entirely different.

Monday, March 31, 2008


There are seven forms of Demonology mentioned and condemned in the Word of God. I. Divination; Genesis 44;5; Hosea 4;12. II. Necromancy; I Samuel 28;8; 2 Chronicles 33;6. III. Prognostication; Ezekiel 21;21. IV. Magic; Genesis 41;8; Daniel 4;7. V. Sorcery; Isaiah 47'9-13; Acts 19;19; Revelation 22;15. VI. Witchcraft; I Samuel 15;23; I Chronicles 10;13; Galatians 5;20. VII. Ventriloquism; Isaiah 8;18; Deuteronomy. 18;9-14 Paul Foltz

Sunday, March 30, 2008


I. You need to know who demons are. 1.Evil spirits. 2. Disembodied spirits. 3. Part of Satan's wicked hosts. 4. Lost and hopeless spirits seeking embodiment. They have a keen desire to re-embody themselves on earth, where they once lived. See Matthew 12;43-45. II. You need to know what demons know. They are intelligent. They have superhuman knowledge. 1. They know us. Acts 19;15. 2. They know Jesus. Acts 19;15; Luke 4;34. 3. They know future. Matthew 8;29. 4. They know their doom. Matthew 8;29; Isaiah 14;15-17; Matthew 25;41. III. You need to know where demons dwell. 1. They dwell in human beings. Matthew 8;28; 12;45. 2. They dwell in false prophets. Matthew 7;15; I John 4;1; 2 Peter 2;1; Second Corinthians 11;13-15; Revelation 19;20. 3. They dwell in apostate institutions. See Revelation 14;8; 18;4, 8; 19;1-6, I Cor. 10;20; Revelation 13;3-4. IV. You need to know what demon spirits do. 1. They disseminate false doctrines. See I Timothy 4;1; 2 Peter 2;1; II Corinthians 2;17; 4;2; 11;4, 13-15. 2. They dethrone reason and take its place. See Luke 4;33-34; Mark 5;1-5. 3. They lead the people, into false worship. See 1 Corinthians 10;20; Revelation 13;3-4. V. You need to know how demon spirits operate. 1. They work through suggestion. Matthew 4;3, 6, 9. 2. They work through signs. 2 Thessalonians 2;9-10; Rev. 16;13-14; Matthew 24;24. 3.They work through pressure. Luke 13;16; Judges 16;16. 4. They work through deception. Matthew 24;11; 2 Thes. 2;9-10; Rev. 12;9; 13;14; 19;20. VI. You need to know how to recognize demons 1. They produce deception. 2. They produce bondage. 3. They produce fierceness. 4. They produce a terrible strain on the heart, and on the nervous system. See Matthew 8;28; Luke 21;25-26. VII. You need to know what are our weapons of warfare. In 2 Corinthians 10;4 God says our weapons ''are not carnal''. In Ephesians 6;10-18 the different parts of our weapons are enumerated for us; 1. Girdle of truth. 14. 2. Breastplate of righteousness. 14. 3 Feet shod with preparation of gospel of peace. 15. 4. Shield of faith. 16. 5. Helmet of salvation. 17. 6. Sword of the Spirit. 17. 7. Praying in the Spirit. 18. See Jude 20; Romans 8;26-27 Paul W. Foltz


How People Get Demon Possessed mMatthew 8;28 I. Demons do exist 1. Prophets recognized demons. See Leviticus 17;7; Deuteronomy 32;17; II Chronicles 11;15; Word ''devils'' means demons. Psalm 106;37. 2. Christ recognized demons. See Matthew 4;24; 8;16; 10;1; Luke 9;1. 3. Apostles recognized demons. See Luke 10;17; Ephesians 6;11-12. II. Demons Do Possess People. 1. Every individual born into this world is under the power and dominion of Satan and demons. See Ephesians 2;1-2; Col. 1;12-14. 2. Every man from his birth is accompanied by a special demon. See Ephesians 2;3; Study 3 words here. ''ALL;'' ''LUSTS;'' ''NATURE''. 3. Every unsaved person is exposed to demon invasion. See Matthew 4;24; 8;28; 2 Timothy 2;26. 4. Demons drive their victims over the brink of destruction. The human will is overwhelmed by an irresistible power, as in the case of an alcoholic, libertine, or suicide. They must be delivered, or be destroyed. Luke 8;26-39. III. How do people get demon possessed/ Scripture guards the dignity of human choice. No one who chooses light, can be invaded by the forces of darkness. It is only as the enlighten deliberately chooses darkness, or yields to sin, that it exposes itself to demonic power. 2Thess. 2;9-12; 2 Tim. 4;3-4. IV. How Can They Get Delivered// 1. Must hear the truth. 2. Must acknowledge truth. 3. Must repent of sins. 4. Must receive Christ as Lord and Saviour. See 2 Tim. 2;24-26; Acts 2;36; Col. 2;6-7; 2 Cor. 10;4. Paul W. Foltz MM2

Saturday, March 29, 2008


m THE EIGHT DEMONS OF HELL Matthew 12;45 1. Seducing spirits. Word ''seduce'' means to entice; to corrupt; to win over; to lead astray. See I Timothy 4;1-3. 2. Unclean spirits. Word ''unclean'' means to make impure; to make common; to make offensive; to make naked. See Luke 8;27. 3. Lying spirits. Word ''lie'' means to deceive; to be deceitful; to speak falsely or utter untruth; to make false statements with intent to deceive. I Kings 22;22; John 8;44; I John 2;22; Revelation 21;8' ''And all liars.'' 4. Deaf spirits. They work; a. To stop up ear of soul. b. To stop up understanding. c. To stop up reasoning of men. d. To stop up mind of men. See Matthew 13;15; Ephesians 4;18. 5. Dumb spirits a. Rebellion brings a dumb spirit. b. Unbelief brings a dumb spirit. Luke 1;20; Mark 9;25 with Luke 1;62-67. 6. Foul spirits. Word ''foul'' means dirty; filthy; noisome; foul smell. Mark 9;25; Revelation 18;2 7. Familiar spirits. This is a divining demon; one who communicates with the spirit world; one well-acquainted; thoroughly conversant; speak through a medium. This is condemned in the Word. Leviticus 20;27; I Samuel 28;7; Deuteronomy 18;10-12. 8. Evil spirits. Word ''evil'' means to cause harm; to cause injury, to cause wickedness; to cause trouble; I Samuel 16;15; Luke 8;2. paul w. foltz


I. What are demon spirits/ 1. Evil spirits. See Judges 9;23; I Samuel 16;14-15; 19;9; Luke 7;21; 8;2; Acts 19;13-16. 2. Part of wicked hosts of Satan. Satan is a king with a kingdom. Demons are part of Satan's organized kingdom. See Matthew 4;8; 12;26; Eph 2;2; 2 Corinthians 4;4; John 14;30; Matthew 25;41 3. Disembodied spirits of pre-Adamic race. See Genesis 1;2; 1;28; 9;1; Isaiah 14;17. 4. Intelligent beings. See James 2;19; Matthew 8;29. II. What is the nature of demon spirits/ 1. Spirit-Beings. 2. Unclean spirits. 3. Now serve Satan. 4. They never die. 5. In rebellion against God. 6. They are confirmed in wickedness. 7. They have amazing strength-Mark 5;3-4. 8. They are lying spirits--I Kings 22;22. 9. They continually seek embodiment. When once they gain control over a human body, they can come and go at will. Matthew 12;43-45; 2 Timothy 2;24-26. III. What is the work of demon spirits/ I. Blind people--2 Corinthians 4;3-4. 2. B ind people--Luke 13;16. 3. In dwell people--Matthew 4;24; 8;28; 12;45. 4. Produce moral impurity--Matthew 10;1. 5. Produce false doctrines--I Timothy 4;1; 2 Peter 2;1; 2 Corinthians 11;4 6. Lead people to worship Devil. Deuteronomy 32;17; Psalm 106;37; I Corinthians 10;20; Revelation 13;3-4; 14;9-11. IV. How to be delivered from demon spirits/ Demons must be cast out and Christ must be enthroned, for a person to be saved, and to have permanent relief from demons 1. Demon spirits are to be cast out by the Word. See Psalm 107;20 with Matthew 8;16; Mark 16;15-17; Acts 8;4-8; 19;13-20. 2. Demons are cast out by Christ. Matthew 8;16; Mark 9;25. 3. The Christian is responsible to cooperate with The Holy Spirit. See I John 4;4; John 14; 16-17; 14;23; 2 Timothy 1;14. Paul W. Foltz

Friday, March 28, 2008

Doctrines of Grace, An Encouragement to Evangelize

One of the charges leveled against those who hold to The Doctrines of Grace is that they use it, as an excuse not to witness nor to evangelize the lost. This is not so. I can preach, Teach, Witness, Pass out tracts, Evangelize, with the confidence, that God has His sheep out there, Who will respond to the message, and be converted to Christ. Paul W. Foltz


I. WHAT KIND OF KNOWLEDGE, OR UNDERSTANDING, THERE IS IN GOD. A. A knowledge of simple sight and understanding. 1. Of sight--God knows all things and Himself, as they really are, or shall be. 2. Of simple understanding--things He will do. B. There is a speculative and practical knowledge in God. 1. A speculative knowledge is when the truth of a thing is known without a respect to any working, or practical operation. The knowledge of things possible is only in God, speculative, because there is nothing for God to work in Himself. 2. A practical knowledge which tends to operation and practice; and is the principle of working with known things--the knowledge of things He has decreed to be. C. There is a knowledge of approbation, as well as apprehension. II. WHAT GOD KNOWS A. God knows Himself, and only knows Himself. 1. Knows Self because His knowledge, with His will, is the cause of all other things, He is aware of. 2. Knows Himself by His own essence. 3. Knows Himself perfectly, comprehensively--Nothing in His own nature is concealed from Him. B. God knows all other things, whether they be possible, past, present, or future; whether they be things He can do, but will never do. or be thinggs He has done, but are not now; Things that are now in being, or things not now existing, that lie in the words of their proper and immediate causes. 1. Things possible a. All that man can think of b. All in God's power to do. c. Knew all things created, before He did them. 2. Knew all things past--Isaiah 41;22 3. Knows all things present--Hebrews 4;13 4. God knows all evils and sins of His creatures. a. Foreknows His creatures b. all acts of creatures foreknown to Him c. This foreknowledge was certain. II. GOD KNOWS ALL THINGS TO COME PAUL W. FOLTZ

Thursday, March 27, 2008

grits and grace

As A Southerner I enjoy grits with almost everything. It is a staple for me. Likewise God's Free Sovereign Grave is my only hope for the Future. How sad it is , that most Baptists, today, do not know that the Baptist originally stood for the Doctrines of Grace. They are older than John Calvin. They are found on the pages of God's Holy Word. MENhate them for it strips them of all the glory, and lays them bare, before God as wretched, ruined creatures, deserving judgment and hell. Paul Foltz

Saturday, March 22, 2008


When free grace awoke me, with light from on High, Then legal fears shook me, I trembled to die. No safety, no refuge in self could I see, Jehovah Tsidkenu, my Savior must be. My guilty fears vanished, before that great Name To the throne of grace, with boldness I came. He is my everything, He died for me Jehovah-Tsidkenu, My Savior is He

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Where is The Silent Moral Majority/

With the passings of Dr. Jerry Falwell and Dr. D. James Kennedy last year, there is seeming an lack of offense against the ACLU'S agenda of pushing homosexual behavior on our children in the Public School system. Where are the stalwarts, ho will rise up and speak against the moral impurity that is threading its way throughout our nation/ It is time for concerned citizens to rise up and fight the ACLU and all the proponents of Humanism, and Evolution, and one worldlism, and defend our democratic Replubic.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

What is Death

Death for those in Christ simply means going home. Death for those out of Christ means hell, then the lake of fire, forever.

Thursday, March 13, 2008