Friday, April 4, 2008

Putting Things in Their Rightful Place

When reading The Holy Bible, We must know that while all Scripture is written for us, not all is written to us. Genesis, chapters 1-11 is written to the human race. Genesis 12 through the Gospel of John is written to Israel. Acts is a transitional, going from Israel to the church in Acts, chapters 1-8. Acts 9-the book of Philemon, written to the Church. Hebrews and James, written to Israel. I Peter through Jude, written to Church. Revelation 1-4;2 deals with church Revelation 4;3-end of chapter 18 deals with Israel. Revelation 19-22-deals with Church. Paul W. Foltz


One must keep in mind, that there are two, distinct, groups of people elected by God. there is those of elect Israel, God's earthly elect people, who will inherit the new earth. And there is The Church, God's elect heavenly people, who will be with Christ, throughout Eternity. both are chosen by the Father. The nation Israel for Jehovah's wife, and the Church, as the Lamb's wife. Though both are elected, their destinies are entirely different.

Monday, March 31, 2008


There are seven forms of Demonology mentioned and condemned in the Word of God. I. Divination; Genesis 44;5; Hosea 4;12. II. Necromancy; I Samuel 28;8; 2 Chronicles 33;6. III. Prognostication; Ezekiel 21;21. IV. Magic; Genesis 41;8; Daniel 4;7. V. Sorcery; Isaiah 47'9-13; Acts 19;19; Revelation 22;15. VI. Witchcraft; I Samuel 15;23; I Chronicles 10;13; Galatians 5;20. VII. Ventriloquism; Isaiah 8;18; Deuteronomy. 18;9-14 Paul Foltz

Sunday, March 30, 2008


I. You need to know who demons are. 1.Evil spirits. 2. Disembodied spirits. 3. Part of Satan's wicked hosts. 4. Lost and hopeless spirits seeking embodiment. They have a keen desire to re-embody themselves on earth, where they once lived. See Matthew 12;43-45. II. You need to know what demons know. They are intelligent. They have superhuman knowledge. 1. They know us. Acts 19;15. 2. They know Jesus. Acts 19;15; Luke 4;34. 3. They know future. Matthew 8;29. 4. They know their doom. Matthew 8;29; Isaiah 14;15-17; Matthew 25;41. III. You need to know where demons dwell. 1. They dwell in human beings. Matthew 8;28; 12;45. 2. They dwell in false prophets. Matthew 7;15; I John 4;1; 2 Peter 2;1; Second Corinthians 11;13-15; Revelation 19;20. 3. They dwell in apostate institutions. See Revelation 14;8; 18;4, 8; 19;1-6, I Cor. 10;20; Revelation 13;3-4. IV. You need to know what demon spirits do. 1. They disseminate false doctrines. See I Timothy 4;1; 2 Peter 2;1; II Corinthians 2;17; 4;2; 11;4, 13-15. 2. They dethrone reason and take its place. See Luke 4;33-34; Mark 5;1-5. 3. They lead the people, into false worship. See 1 Corinthians 10;20; Revelation 13;3-4. V. You need to know how demon spirits operate. 1. They work through suggestion. Matthew 4;3, 6, 9. 2. They work through signs. 2 Thessalonians 2;9-10; Rev. 16;13-14; Matthew 24;24. 3.They work through pressure. Luke 13;16; Judges 16;16. 4. They work through deception. Matthew 24;11; 2 Thes. 2;9-10; Rev. 12;9; 13;14; 19;20. VI. You need to know how to recognize demons 1. They produce deception. 2. They produce bondage. 3. They produce fierceness. 4. They produce a terrible strain on the heart, and on the nervous system. See Matthew 8;28; Luke 21;25-26. VII. You need to know what are our weapons of warfare. In 2 Corinthians 10;4 God says our weapons ''are not carnal''. In Ephesians 6;10-18 the different parts of our weapons are enumerated for us; 1. Girdle of truth. 14. 2. Breastplate of righteousness. 14. 3 Feet shod with preparation of gospel of peace. 15. 4. Shield of faith. 16. 5. Helmet of salvation. 17. 6. Sword of the Spirit. 17. 7. Praying in the Spirit. 18. See Jude 20; Romans 8;26-27 Paul W. Foltz


How People Get Demon Possessed mMatthew 8;28 I. Demons do exist 1. Prophets recognized demons. See Leviticus 17;7; Deuteronomy 32;17; II Chronicles 11;15; Word ''devils'' means demons. Psalm 106;37. 2. Christ recognized demons. See Matthew 4;24; 8;16; 10;1; Luke 9;1. 3. Apostles recognized demons. See Luke 10;17; Ephesians 6;11-12. II. Demons Do Possess People. 1. Every individual born into this world is under the power and dominion of Satan and demons. See Ephesians 2;1-2; Col. 1;12-14. 2. Every man from his birth is accompanied by a special demon. See Ephesians 2;3; Study 3 words here. ''ALL;'' ''LUSTS;'' ''NATURE''. 3. Every unsaved person is exposed to demon invasion. See Matthew 4;24; 8;28; 2 Timothy 2;26. 4. Demons drive their victims over the brink of destruction. The human will is overwhelmed by an irresistible power, as in the case of an alcoholic, libertine, or suicide. They must be delivered, or be destroyed. Luke 8;26-39. III. How do people get demon possessed/ Scripture guards the dignity of human choice. No one who chooses light, can be invaded by the forces of darkness. It is only as the enlighten deliberately chooses darkness, or yields to sin, that it exposes itself to demonic power. 2Thess. 2;9-12; 2 Tim. 4;3-4. IV. How Can They Get Delivered// 1. Must hear the truth. 2. Must acknowledge truth. 3. Must repent of sins. 4. Must receive Christ as Lord and Saviour. See 2 Tim. 2;24-26; Acts 2;36; Col. 2;6-7; 2 Cor. 10;4. Paul W. Foltz MM2