Thursday, September 18, 2008


W hat kind of Preacher is your Pastor/ Is he one who feels free to speak whatever comes into his mind, or what might please his congregation, or is he, by personal calling and Scripture, bound to the preaching of what the Bible says/ The Bible is the only true, God-inspired Book in the world. When understood and followed, it leads to everlasting joy with God. One thing, we can thank God, and trace back to the Reformation for, is the recovery of The Supreme Authority of Scripture Authority over church authority. My preaching is tied to The Bible [AV 1611]. That's why I like to Preach through its books. Here are some of the differences between preaching tied to God's Word and free range preaching, which leans toward entertainment. 1. The difference between the two is the connection of the preacher's words to the Bible as to what authorizes what he says. The entertainment preacher is not tied to an authoritative book in what he says. What he says doesn't seem to be shaped and constrained by any authority outside of himself. He is untied to objective authority. The entertainment preacher is at ease, talking about many things, not drawn out of the Bible. His words are interesting, or fun. but his words do not portray him as God's Man standing before God's people, delivering God's message. The Bible-oriented Preacher, on the other hand, sees himself as God's representative to God's people, to deliver a message from God. He trembles, as an unworthy servant, under the authority of the Bible. He knows the only way he can deliver God's message, is by absorbing it, and saturating it with God's own revelation in the Bible. His preaching causes his hearers to feel less entertained than struck at God's Greatness and the power of His Word.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Why did Christ die/

According to Romans 3;25-26, He died to vindicate God's Righteousness. For centuries God had been forbearing [passing over] man's sin. And this demeaned His glory. It said His Glory and Righteous Rule is of little, or no value. So God rather than vindicating His Glory by slaying His people, vindicated it by slaying His Son. God could have settled all accounts by punishing all sinners with Hell. But He did not Will to destroy. Now we know that God is for us. We know that our salvation is His goal in sending Jesus. But, do we know that there is a deeper goal, in sending the Son/ Do we know that God's love for us depends on a deeper love, God's love for His Own Glory/ Do we know that God's passion to save sinners, rests on a deeper passion, namely His passion to vindicate His Righteousness/ The vindication of God's Glory is the GROUND of our salvation, and the exultation of God's Glory is the GOAL of our salvation. The cross is the pinnacle of God's love for sinners, because it vindicates the value of God, for sinners, to enjoy. It is a call to exultation in God's exaltation.