Monday, March 22, 2010

2 Peter 3;1-9 EXPLAINED

1. Some scoffers had raised the question of the delay of the Second Coming. Did the fact of that delay mean that God was slack in some way regarding the fulfillment of His promise, maybe even incapable of bringing it to pass/ Why the delay in His coming/ 2. Peter answers that there is a group that is the object of God's foebearance, and that God is not willing that these certain ones should perish, but that all of these should come to repentance. 3. Therefore the Second Coming is not delayed, but it is right on schedule, according to God's plan and purpose in saving a people. Christ will come, when this people is complete, and in the interval till then He will work bringing these to salvation. 4. Therefore the passage is not teaching that God is holding up the Second Coming in the hope a few more will be saved. Rather, the Second Coming will happen according to God's purpose and will, which includes the calling out of a people prior to that hour. 5. This interpretation not only is true to the text and context, but it is also true to the Biblical concept of God, Who is in full control, and works all things after the counsel of His own will.