Thursday, June 12, 2008


There is no other resting place for one's heart except The Sovereignty of God. it is much to be thankful for, when one's understanding is enlightened to perceive the fact of God's Absolute Supremacy. He is, indeed ''The Most High,'' Governor of heaven and earth, Imperial Disposer of all creatures and all events. What are the intellectual and practical effects, produced by this fact, daily, within us/ It is this-''In all thy ways acknowledge Him.'' First, I acknowledge Him as my Sovereign Lord, as the One Who has the unquestioned right to entire submission from me. Second, I ''acknowledge him'' as the One upon Whom I am completely dependent for all things, without Whose blessing, nothing I do, can prosper. Third, I ''acknowledge him'' as the One, Whom I desire to honor and glorify, seeking to please Him, in every detail of my life. It cannot be expected , that those who repudiate His Sovereign Supremacy should take this attitude before Him. No, they are free-will agents, deciders of their own destiny, and therefore lords over themselves. Hence, SELF governs all their thinking, planning, and actions. But it should be far otherwise, with those who, by distinguishing mercy, have had their eyes opened to see God, upon His Throne. Their daily prayer must be for God, to graciously bring their hearts, under the power of this great truth, that they may conduct themselves AS the submissive and loyal subjects of this Sovereign, and that by acknowledging Him in all their ways. May this be true of each of us, for His Name's sake.


The election of a staunch anti-Calvinist as President of the SBC, SHOWS US IT IS TIME FOR ALL THOSE WHO BELIEVE THE DOCTRINES OF GRACE, TO COME OUT, AND SEPARATE THEMSELVES FROM IT. There is no cure for apostasy, but judgment. There is a need for all Calvinistic Baptists to come together under the banner of A Sovereign Grace Baptist, and form a fellowship, burning all ties to the apostate Southern Baptist Convention. Why support a program and missions, which deny the Doctrines of Grace/ God does not compromise, why then should you/