Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Every individual out of Christ who has heard the Gospel preached, realizes that Christ died for sinners. This great truth becomes a historical fact to the sinner. Then the sinner sees the suffering Saviour as He is lifted up in the preaching of the Gospel, because by the foolishness of preaching He has ordained to save them which believe. As the Lord Jesus Christ is lifted up in faithful preaching under the power of God's Holy Spirit, the sinner looks upon this pierced Saviour lifted up in such preaching and comes to believe Him to be the world's Divine Saviour. As the sinner sees the Saviour lifted up in the Gospel, he looks upon Him and is broken down in utter repentance, and is made to mourn over his sins, over his sin nature that crucified his Lord. As he sees his guiltiness before God, he goes to praying. he gives up all pretension to self-righteousness, and comes to see that all of his religious exercises and works are but filthy rags. It is then that he begins to call upon the name of the Lord and ask that His propriation be applied to him, and that Christ become his own Saviour. As he continues to call upon the name of the Lord, God continues to strip him until he comes to see his utter vileness, until he abhors himself. He comes to see his great distance from God, that he is utterly separated from God. As he continues to call upon the name of the Lord, he sees his utter helplessness to do one thing about his salvation, and that his salvation rests wholly and completely in the hands of a sovereign God. He continues to call upon the Lord, and he finds all his strength gone and he is utterly helpless. His hopes flee away, and he sees that if he is ever saved GOD will have to do it. Then it is is cries, ''God, be merciful to me the sinner, or I PERISH.'' And then comes the personal application of the blood to his own heart by the Holy Spirit; there comes the revelation of CHRIST AS HIS ABSOLUTE LORD AND HIS OWN PERSONAL SAVIOUR, as the Oe who died for him, who bore his sins in hIS OWN BODY ON THE TREE. It is then that God gives him faith to receive Christ, and to trust his soul to Him for ever and ever. Christ and the sinner then become one, eternally united.