Saturday, April 19, 2008

Why Those Holding to The Doctrines of Grace Are Hated.

The people who believe in, and proclaim the Doctrines of Grace are hated because; 1. People think if you believe them, you won't be a witness for the Lord. 2. The Doctrines humble man, strip him of self glory and self boasting. 3. A misconception of the character of God. 1. The Doctrines encourage evangelism, for I can preach, teach testify, witness, pass out tracts, with the confidence, that God has His sheep out there, who will come in, when they hear the Gospel. 2 . The Doctrines ascribe all of Salvation to the Lord. It excludes all human works, and merit, and demerit. 3. God is basically a God of Justice. His love is extended, because Christ paid to Justice, the debt of all that His Father gave Him.