Monday, April 13, 2009


Yesterday was supposed to be the main sunday for the church this year, a day when the resurrection of Christ, was to be proclaimed, and observed reverently by Christians[/] all over this world. BUT EASTER IS NOT NOW WHAT IT ONCE WAS EVEN IN PROFESSING cHRISTIANS HOMES/ lET ME ANSWER THIS. I live in a rural area. Saturday over 300 kids plus parents went to a easter egg hunt in the middle of the country, no where virtually. Yesterday, at Ponce De Leon Springs, 4 Baptist churches mustered only 50 people, adults and kids for the sunrise service. Where has the values of Christian homes gone to/ Why do Christians emulate the world, that put their Lord to death/ WE ARE IN A STATE OF ALMOST TOTAL APOSTASY. And we as a nation are headed for judgmment. Today's Church, instead of being a beacon, on the hill,cooperates with the world, by adopting its dress, amusements, and contemporary music. If God does not send a revival, and Holy Spirit conviction to the church it will have no influence left at all. But as God raised Jesus from the dead, so He can raise the sinner out of spiritual death, and He can awakened the Church again, bringing it to repentance, and restoring its influence. This is a cry for revival and a 3rd Spiritual Awakening in our land. Will you join me in it/