Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I have noticed that this year, there are blogs debating How to celebrate Christmas. But nowhere does the Bible say, or tells to observe Christ's Birth. Christmas is not The Babe in The Manger, nor is it, Santa and his pack,but it is Christ, and His Cross. ''Twas the night before Christmas,And all through the world, A message was preached, A challenge was hurled, Believe on The Son and thou shalt be saved; The Road to Heaven, with His Blood was paved. Out of the darkness of sin and despair, Shone God's Light of Salvation, The Fairest of Fair. He was born in a stable, no room in The Inn, And He died on The Cross, to save us from sin.''


A Individual may make a profession, without ever having his or her confidence in his or her own ability shattered. That's because he, or she has been told nothing of his or her need of having a new nature imparted, which is not within his or her power, and consequently,if he or she does not recieve it, he,or she, is not dismayed. He, or she, has never been told it is essential, so he or she sees no reason, to doubt whether he or she is A Christian. In deed, the teaching he or she has come under, militates such doubts arising. It is frequently said, that a man, who has made a decision with little evidence of a change of life may be a ''Carnal'' Christian, needing instruction in holiness, or if the same individual should gradually lose his new found interests, the fault is frequently attributed to lack of ''Follow-up,'' or Prayer, or some other deficiency on the part of the church. The Possibility that these marks of worldliness and falling away are due to the lack of a saving experience, at the outset is rarely considered. If this point were squarely faced, then the whole system of appeals, decisions, and counseling would collapse. This is because it would bring to the fore, the fact, that obtaining a new nature, is not in man's power. It would also show that it takes much longer then a few hours, or days, to establish whether a professed response to the Gospel is geniune. But instead of facing this, it is protested that to doubt whether one who has ''accepted Christ'' is A Christian, is tantamount to denying God's Word, and that to give up altar calls, is to give up EVANGELISM ALTOGETHER.


The Understanding of The Godhead's transcendent purity is necessary to understand Biblical Doctrine. Having The Righteousness of Christ, imputed and imparted, is the only way one can be reconciled to God. We are living in a day, where little is preached, or taught, on the Holiness of God, and as a result, the church's doctrine and ethics have been tarnished. Entertainment has replaced worship, the gospel is misunderstood and neglected, and the church assimilates herself to the culture, instead of seeking to transform it, through the teaching and preaching of the Word of God. Something has to be done, if the church is to regain her saltiness. She must return to holiness, which affects our worship, doctrine, and personal walk in Christ. Today, the sinfulness of sin is not grasped, because the holiness of God is not grasped. Sin will only be understood for what it is, When God is understood for who He is. In both Testaments God calls His people to be a kingdom of priests and a holy nation. Just as the Levtical Priest represented the individual before God, so we represent the lost before God in prayer. Therefore we must be holy, as He is holy.