Friday, July 4, 2008

Replacement Theology

One of the most erroneous doctrines, circulating even among Calvinists, is that of Replacement Theology, I.E. The Church has replaced Israel, and therefore all the earthly promises given to Israel have to be spiritualized, and applied to the church. God's plan or purpose can never be defeated, nor thwarted. He has a distinct plan for Israel as His Earthly people, as the wife of Jehovah. Likewise He has a distinct plan for The Church, The Lamb's wife. The Church is not a parenthesis, nor is it a replacement for a failed plan. Apart from making these distinctions, one makes havoc of God's Word. One of the proofs that The Bible is inspired is The Jew. No other nation moved off the scene, and reappeared 2500 years later. The Replacement Theologian can't read. The Bible always means what it says, to whom it says it, Where it says it. Holding that God has 2 purposes, one can make sense of The Word. apart from this, mass confusion results, and contradictions appear.

what kind of calvinist are you

In a previous post; ''A New Fellowship Is Needed'' I said, that due to the election of a staunch Anti- Calvinist, as President, of the SBC, A new fellowship is needed for all Sovereign Grace Baptists. As hopefully made, as that statement was, it is impossible, for there are two kinds of Calvinists; 1. The cold Intellectual [I have found which marks many in the Reformed movement in the SBC] 2. Those with a heart-burning, compassionate Form of Calvinism. The Doctrines of Grace should give fire and an ardent compassion to those who hold to them. That which effects only the head, but not the heart, is worthless, dead, and borders on a legalistic attitude towards those who do not believe the Doctrines. This form earmarks those who will stay within the Convention. They tenaciously hold on to their position, but effect little change in others. I do not want to be associated with that kind of a Calvinist, who are dead from the heart upward. God give us Preachers, who believe in grace, so that they preach and teach with fire and holy boldness the Gospel. Paul W. Foltz DD