Sunday, March 30, 2008


How People Get Demon Possessed mMatthew 8;28 I. Demons do exist 1. Prophets recognized demons. See Leviticus 17;7; Deuteronomy 32;17; II Chronicles 11;15; Word ''devils'' means demons. Psalm 106;37. 2. Christ recognized demons. See Matthew 4;24; 8;16; 10;1; Luke 9;1. 3. Apostles recognized demons. See Luke 10;17; Ephesians 6;11-12. II. Demons Do Possess People. 1. Every individual born into this world is under the power and dominion of Satan and demons. See Ephesians 2;1-2; Col. 1;12-14. 2. Every man from his birth is accompanied by a special demon. See Ephesians 2;3; Study 3 words here. ''ALL;'' ''LUSTS;'' ''NATURE''. 3. Every unsaved person is exposed to demon invasion. See Matthew 4;24; 8;28; 2 Timothy 2;26. 4. Demons drive their victims over the brink of destruction. The human will is overwhelmed by an irresistible power, as in the case of an alcoholic, libertine, or suicide. They must be delivered, or be destroyed. Luke 8;26-39. III. How do people get demon possessed/ Scripture guards the dignity of human choice. No one who chooses light, can be invaded by the forces of darkness. It is only as the enlighten deliberately chooses darkness, or yields to sin, that it exposes itself to demonic power. 2Thess. 2;9-12; 2 Tim. 4;3-4. IV. How Can They Get Delivered// 1. Must hear the truth. 2. Must acknowledge truth. 3. Must repent of sins. 4. Must receive Christ as Lord and Saviour. See 2 Tim. 2;24-26; Acts 2;36; Col. 2;6-7; 2 Cor. 10;4. Paul W. Foltz MM2

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