Saturday, March 29, 2008


m THE EIGHT DEMONS OF HELL Matthew 12;45 1. Seducing spirits. Word ''seduce'' means to entice; to corrupt; to win over; to lead astray. See I Timothy 4;1-3. 2. Unclean spirits. Word ''unclean'' means to make impure; to make common; to make offensive; to make naked. See Luke 8;27. 3. Lying spirits. Word ''lie'' means to deceive; to be deceitful; to speak falsely or utter untruth; to make false statements with intent to deceive. I Kings 22;22; John 8;44; I John 2;22; Revelation 21;8' ''And all liars.'' 4. Deaf spirits. They work; a. To stop up ear of soul. b. To stop up understanding. c. To stop up reasoning of men. d. To stop up mind of men. See Matthew 13;15; Ephesians 4;18. 5. Dumb spirits a. Rebellion brings a dumb spirit. b. Unbelief brings a dumb spirit. Luke 1;20; Mark 9;25 with Luke 1;62-67. 6. Foul spirits. Word ''foul'' means dirty; filthy; noisome; foul smell. Mark 9;25; Revelation 18;2 7. Familiar spirits. This is a divining demon; one who communicates with the spirit world; one well-acquainted; thoroughly conversant; speak through a medium. This is condemned in the Word. Leviticus 20;27; I Samuel 28;7; Deuteronomy 18;10-12. 8. Evil spirits. Word ''evil'' means to cause harm; to cause injury, to cause wickedness; to cause trouble; I Samuel 16;15; Luke 8;2. paul w. foltz

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