Friday, March 28, 2008


I. WHAT KIND OF KNOWLEDGE, OR UNDERSTANDING, THERE IS IN GOD. A. A knowledge of simple sight and understanding. 1. Of sight--God knows all things and Himself, as they really are, or shall be. 2. Of simple understanding--things He will do. B. There is a speculative and practical knowledge in God. 1. A speculative knowledge is when the truth of a thing is known without a respect to any working, or practical operation. The knowledge of things possible is only in God, speculative, because there is nothing for God to work in Himself. 2. A practical knowledge which tends to operation and practice; and is the principle of working with known things--the knowledge of things He has decreed to be. C. There is a knowledge of approbation, as well as apprehension. II. WHAT GOD KNOWS A. God knows Himself, and only knows Himself. 1. Knows Self because His knowledge, with His will, is the cause of all other things, He is aware of. 2. Knows Himself by His own essence. 3. Knows Himself perfectly, comprehensively--Nothing in His own nature is concealed from Him. B. God knows all other things, whether they be possible, past, present, or future; whether they be things He can do, but will never do. or be thinggs He has done, but are not now; Things that are now in being, or things not now existing, that lie in the words of their proper and immediate causes. 1. Things possible a. All that man can think of b. All in God's power to do. c. Knew all things created, before He did them. 2. Knew all things past--Isaiah 41;22 3. Knows all things present--Hebrews 4;13 4. God knows all evils and sins of His creatures. a. Foreknows His creatures b. all acts of creatures foreknown to Him c. This foreknowledge was certain. II. GOD KNOWS ALL THINGS TO COME PAUL W. FOLTZ

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