Monday, November 3, 2008


Often, when someone loses, his or her spouse, or child, or, other loved ones, we hear it said , ''Now, I have no reason to live.'' But for the Child of God, One who has been saved by the Grace of God, he has one main reason to live; to glorify The Son of God, by living a life of faith in Him, and by obeying His Word. When we were saved, God could have taken us Home to Heaven, but, instead he left us here, to represent Him, and to take The Gospel to others. Although God has elected certain individuals to salvation, we don't know who, or where they are. God has chosen, that through the foolishness of preaching, He would save them that believe. CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEF, ELECTION IS A ENCOURAGEMENT FOR EVANGELISM. I CAN PREACH, TEACH, AND WITNESS, WITH CONFIDENCE, THAT GOD'S SHEEP WILL HEAR, AND BE LED TO A CONVERSION EXPERIENCE. The one reason to live is to honor, and glorify The Son of God, The Lord Jesus Christ.

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