Sunday, November 2, 2008


It was Wednesday night, November 2, 1966. I got back home from Prayer Meeting, to find the house in disarray. The phone started ringing, a voice said my Dad had had a heart attack, and was rushed to the Holy Cross Hospital. I started for the door, and there was a knock. There stood My Dad's Pastor, Lex Smith and a Deacon, Lloyd Collins. They told me my Dad had died. EARLIER THAT DAY, DAD TOLD ME THAT HE WOULDN'T BE THERE THAT TIME NEXT YEAR. God had forewarned him of his demise. HE WASN'T A PERFECT MAN AND FATHER. But he was GODLY MAN, and I saw him witness to the lost many times. He kept me under the means of grace. I was only 21 when he went home at the age of 63. Now I am 63, with an identical heart problem. If I can be only half the man he was, I'd be happy. Here's remembering you Dad.


  1. Paul
    I turn 62 on the 10th so we are close(er) to heaven! I had surgery two weeks ago tomorrow. It was my first surgery under sedation. it was same day surgery and left me with enough strong pain pills to endure three days!
    Being a manly-man I went back to work too early and now I am realizing how old I am!

    Old men don't recoperate fast.

    Feel the same about my father, he's still living 84 and several years ago he had triple by-pass. doing good now.

    Hope you are doing well.

    Keep preaching that Word, it won't be long!!!

  2. Dear Charles,
    I thank you for your kind words. Ihave had 2 heart attacks, damaging the left side of my heart. My risidual blood flow is at 35 percent.
    It's needless to say I tire easy.
    If I preach two times on a Sunday, I'm useless on Monday.
    I know when I have finished all The Lord wants me to, He'll take me home.
    I am asking Him to keep me faithful until then.
    Being a widower, I get very lonely, and long to go to Heaven at times, but I know that God's Call is His Enablement.

    Yours by Divine Grace