Monday, November 3, 2008


It is time for God's Church to return to the old time way. When men filled with and energized by The Holy Spirit would stand up, and boldly proclaim ''Thus saith The Lord.'' The moral degeneracy of our churches calls for it. If it doesn't happen soon, the valid question will be, ''When The Lord comes again, will He find Faith on The Earth/'' Apostasy runs rampant. Men have elevated their own prejudices above God's Word. Instead of The Word judging them, they sit in judgment upon The Word. OH that once more the Holy Ghost would move upon the church. Oh that, men would boldly stand and preach The Truth regardless of what the cost was for them. Oh that The Church would influence the world, and not the world, the church. This is a call for Prayer and to Fasting. Oh how we need GOD.

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