Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church-Part Four

From Acts 2;42, another characteristic of A Sovereign Grace Baptist Church is that; A Sovereign Grace Baptist Church is a fellowship of believers, united to Christ, and united to one another in Christ. It is more than a group of people, with their names on the same church roll. It is a fellowship of believers, committed to one another, committed to the furtherance of the gospel, committed to the glory of God and the will of God, and committed to the building of God's Church and kingdom, the salvation of God's Elect, because they are committed to Christ. ''Fellowship'' as the word, is used in Acts 2;42, is commitment to one another. It is such a total commitment, that it caused those earthly believers to hold all their possessions in common, none considering that the things they possessed, were their own. No wonder God used them, so greatly. 3rd, A SOVEREIGN GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH IS A CHURCH, WHICH LIVES, IN THE REMEMBRANCE AND EXPECTATION, OF THE lORD JESUS CHRIST. Every time the church came together in the Book of Acts, they observed The Lord's Supper. They ate the unleavened bread and drank the wine in remembrance of Christ's Incarnation, obedience, and death, as their Substitute, and in expectation of His promised return. However, the constant observance of this blessed ordinance was much more, than a religious ritual to them. Those saints observed the ordinance, as a representation of their heart's attitude regarding these things. A Sovereign Grace, Gospel Church, is a church, whose very existence is the remembrance and expectation of Christ. Then, next, A SOVEREIGN GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH IS A WORSHIPPING CHURCH. There are many who seem always to live in the past. They fight the battles of the past. They hold to creeds, of the past. They glory in past revivals. We live in, minister to, and serve the present, by prayer, that is to say, in the worship of God, our Saviour. A Sovereign Gospel Church, is a church of Worshippers, who continue ''in prayers,'' who continue in the worship of God. They worship God, after the due order, prescribed in God's Word, relating to all matters of public worship. They worship God continually. When you find such a church, if you are a believer, unite with it. Devote yourself to it. Spend your life, and the energies of your life building it, for Christ's Glory, and your own good. No value can be put to such a privilege. No cost can be compared to it. -END-

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