Friday, May 9, 2008


King Solomon, in the Book of Proverbs, Chapter 3 exhorts; ''In all thy ways acknowledge him.'' First, I '' acknowledge Him'' as my Sovereign Lord, as the One, Who has unquestioned right to entire submission from me. Second, I ''acknowledge Him'' as the One, upon Whom I am completely dependent for all things, without Whose blessing, nothing I do, will prosper. Third, I ''acknowledge Him'' as the One, Whom I desire to honor and glorify, seeking to please Him, in every detail of my life. It can't be expected, that those who repudiate His Sovereign Supremacy, should have this attitude toward Him. No, they are free-will agents, deciders of their own destiny, and therefore, lords over themselves. Hence SELF governs all their thinking, planning, and actions. But It should be far otherwise with those, who, by distinguishing mercy, have had their eyes opened to see God upon His Throne. Their daily prayer must be that God would bring them under the power of this truth, that by acknowledging the Lord in all things, they may conduct themselves, as submissive and loyal subjects of This Sovereign..

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