Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What is a Sovereign Grace Baptist Church/

Whenever and Wherever I go to preach, or teach God's Word, the question is ultimately asked, ''What is A Sovereign Grace Baptist Church/ This comes about, when people hear me teach or preach, for they realize immediately, that I am not associated with a free will Arminian Church, or, a legalized reformed congregation. They understand quickly, that I am a Baptist, but not like any, they have ever met. The first question, they ask about my church association is; ''What kind of Church, are you a member of/'' I reply, ''A Sovereign Grace Baptist Church. ''What is that/,'' they ask. I answer, ''IT IS A LOCAL CHURCH, WHICH ADHERES TO THE WORD OF GOD ALONE, AS ITS STANDARD AND RULE OF FAITH AND PRACTICE.'' At Grace Baptist Church, in Ponce De Leon, Fl, We are not at all bashful about identifying our doctrine, and confessing it before men, and proclaiming it from the housetops. Our church is not ruled, or governed, or obligated, in any way, to any creed, or confession of faith, of less inspiration than, ''Thus saith The Word of The Lord.'' Every doctrine we preach, every ordinance we practice, and every part of out public worship, is demanded by the plain statements of Holy Scripture. Having said that A Sovereign Grace Baptist Church adheres to The Word of God, we turn to Acts 4;42, where The Holy Spirit describes the characteristics of the first assembly of believers, after our Lord's ascension. There, We are told, ''And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.'' There are 4 things, mentioned in this verse, which characterize a Gospel Church, a Sovereign Grace Church. A Sovereign Grace Church adheres to ''the apostles' doctrine.'' That is, to say,We believe and incessantly preach the Doctrine of the Apostles, exactly as they did. The doctrine of the Apostles included all those glorious God hon0ring, Christ exalting, flesh abasing doctrines, referred to as Calvinism, or The Doctrines of Grace. No one has a right to the name, ''Christian,'' as it is used in the New Testament, who does not believe these doctrines; and no man is a Gospel Preacher, who does not preach them. I won't try to defend them but I will give you Some Scripture references, which show, that these doctrines, are the doctrines of the Apostles, in our next post.

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