Saturday, December 27, 2008

What to do in Hard Times

Hard times are coming. The financial situation is getting bad,indeed. What are we to do, Where are we to turn, To who can we turn/ We can do what my parents did,and what your Grandparents did in the 1930's. We can trust in God, we can turn to His church,and we can turn to Him. He has promised to take care of His Children.His power is still the same as it was then. During the 30's people filled the churches, realizing that material things were not so important. Today human government has taken God's place. It can and never will satisfy the vacuum in man's heart. Hard times give us the opportunity to trust God, and to share with others, the Gospel of the Grace of God. So, do not let hard times to discourage you, but let it be an incentitve to keep on serving our Lord.


  1. God uses both hard times and favorable times to get His Word out! Often it is harder to see his hand in the hard times.

    Happy new year, brother

  2. happy new year to you gllad to have you on board. read my other blogs at end of my profile.