Saturday, December 6, 2008


Yesterday, I said, on a post, on one of Tim Brister's blogs, that because of the apostate state of the Convention, all who adhere to the Doctrines of Grace should withdraw and with other Baptists who adhere to sovereign grace, form a new fellowship of churches and pastors. An Anti-Calvinist, Bob Ross, sent me a link to his blog. He quoted my post, and then went on to say, that Calvinists do not grow by preaching, or by witnessing, but only by stealing members from Southern Baptist Churches, by calling the churches, ''Armenian.'' What a lie.... Those who believe in The Doctrines of Grace, know that through their preaching of the truth of these doctrines, God will bring in His sheep, and the doctrines encourage evangelism on all levels. Independent Baptists, who believe in Sovereign Grace, have built large, substantial works, numbering in the thousands, all over this land. Men such as Harold Sightler, Ralph Sexton Sr, Larry Montgomery, Henry Mahan, and a host of others, have built large local churches, with evangelism, burning in the hearts of the people, by teaching The Doctrines of Grace. Shame on Bob Ross and Charles, in their ''Calvinistic Flyswatter'' for propagating such a lie. Their hatred for the truth, is so intense, that they lie, to advance their unjust, unfounded prejudice against it. May they repent, and God have mercy upon them.

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