Monday, January 5, 2009


Paul in Philippians admoishes us that, whatsoever things are pure, true, and of good report. to think upon them. Now, while there is a place for negativity, we are not to put our emphasis on it. The Message of The Bible is a positive one. Being negative all the time turns people off. Dwelling on past sins gets one nowhere. As A believer I have no right to judge, or criticize another believer. I have enough to answer for and of myself. Too many CHRISTIAN BLOGS ARE NEGATIVE AND ABRASIVE, AND WILL AMONT TO NOTHING, AT THE JUDGMENT SEAT. Paul said ''Who art thou that judgest another man's servant, to his own master, he standeth or falleth.'' So, let's be positive, and leave the Judgment where it belongs, in God's Hands. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO DO THE HOLY SPIRIT'S WORK.

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