Monday, January 5, 2009


America, once the crown jewel of representative democracy is quickly turning into a socialistic state, which will find her place in the coming one world government. America after WWII shifted her emphasis from Nationalism to one worldism. THE SEEDS OF THIS ARE EVEN FOUND IN THE REALM OF SO-CALLED Christendom. Political correctness, and turning the objective message of the Gospel into a subjective one can be seen on every hand. Where are those who will stand up for God, and Country/ Where are those, who are bold enough, to stand up and say ''Thus saith the Lord God,'' without fear of man/ The pusssy footing, free willers, are destroying our land, and sending folks to Hell. We need also men in the Government, who are not ruled by greed, nor by lust for power. It's time to stand up for God and FOR America, AS ONE NATION UNDER GOD.

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