Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Contrary to popular opinion, there are no degrees to sin. One sin is just as heinous and distasteful to God as another. James 2;10 says if we offend in just one point of the Law, then we are guilty of breaking every point of the Law. Hence if we sin once, we are guilty of every sin in the eyes of God. How sad it is that those who profess to know the Lord sit in judgment, as if God gave them His Son's position, upon others. We still have the Pharisees among us, those plaster saints who have set up their own quota system, with its varying degrees of sin. We are not qualified to judge, because 1. We don't have full knowledge 2. WE ARE SINNERS OURSELVES. 3. We are prone to overlook ours, while looking on other people sins. Just why a tongue speaking charismatic, would join a Baptist Church, and then sit in judgment upon what goes on there shows a ''holier then thou'' attitude. Search The Bible, it alone has the answers, and Jesus is going to judge according to it. NO CHRISTIAN HAS THE RIGHT TO JUDGE ANYONE...

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