Thursday, January 8, 2009


Seventy four years ago, a man, whom many called The King was born in Tupelo, Mississippi--Elvis Pressley. But in reality there is only one king, The Wise, Immortal King-Jehovah God. As such, He is worthy of our adoration, veneration, and praise. He requires our utmost obedience and submission. He is absolute holiness and purity, who cannot look upon sin. His perfect Justice demands the death of every rebel. But being also, perfect LOVE, He chose to save an remnant of Adam's fallen race, to bring glory to His grace. This number He gave as a gift to His Son, Who became their Surety, and discharged their debt to God's Justice, completely satisfying God's Wrath. These chosen ones, are regenerated by The Holy Spirit, in which they are granted saving faith and repentance, which are exercised in their conversion to Christ. By Creation and Redemption, they belong to God. Behold The King...

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