Thursday, January 8, 2009


In Acts 15, we have the story of the first church council, held at Jerusalem. they assembled to deliberate upon spiritual matters. they found in the council, that to understand this age, they must understand that GOD WAS NOT seeking to convert the world, but to call out from among the Gentiles, a people for HIS NAME. This was to be done by grace, through faith in His Son. Never one time, was it God's purpose to convert the world to Christ. it never has been, nor will it ever be. It is God's only purpose to call out a people for Christ, and when this calling is completed; when every one of God's elect of this age has been brought into the fold, then the Lord will come back. In Acts 3;14-19, we see that if ISRAEL had repented as a nation, when Peter called upon them as a nation, to do so, The Lord would have come back then. But they did not repent, therefore God chastised them [ZECHARIAH 12-14]. The early Church labored in the Gospel to reach every one of God's elect, and waited for His Son from Heaven. When the last one of GOD'S elect has been called out by the Holy Spirit and justified by faith in Christ, then we will hear the shout of the Lord in GLORY, coming for HIS OWN.

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