Thursday, January 8, 2009


Because of the failure to rightly divide The Word of God, many think that the signs given to Israel apply to us today. We don't need a man coming with signs and wonders, to know that He is sent from God, or NOT. We can tell that he is from God, by the way he handles, reacts to, and treats it. I Corinthians tells us that The Jews require a sign, while the Jews seek after wisdom. The Word of God is what God uses during this age of grace. In Acts 2 [Peter quotes from Joel] which will be fulfilled regarding Israel during the coming tribulation. The dreams and visions will be used because the Antichrist will destroy all available Bibles. DURING THIS DISPENSATION, GOD'S WORD WILL DO GOD'S WORK.


  1. There is a small problem with part of what you said. You stated that if Israel did something then Christ would have come back. That makes Christ's return delayed. I read in the Bible that he would not tarry. That eschatologically theological postion just don't fit the rest of the Bible on Christ's coming. If God is absolutely sovereign then at no tie was HE dependant upon mankind to carry out His plan.

  2. bro. Barney,
    What I should have said was God's plan includes in it all possibilities and secondary causes.
    After Christ arose from the dead, the only prophecies left to be fulfilled were those of His 2nd coming. The Church is not found in the Old Testament, but was revealed to Paul [Ephesians 3;1-10]. So IIF Israel had repented the first coming would have been the 2nd coming, with John the Baptist being Elijah in Spirit. But God foreknew Israel wouldn't repent.
    The verse you referred to in Hebrews was written years later, by Paul, AND HHAD NO BEARING THEN.