Saturday, July 31, 2010

Letter to Awakened Sinners

Dear awakened sinner, I have prayed for you and longed for you, that you by the grace of God, would trust or lean upon, or give yourself completely to the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. Remember--anything this side of Hell is mercy. Remember--you deserve to go to Hell. Remember--God has only one way to save any sinner, and that is, by Christ as your Substitute. Then it is come to Christ or be lost forever. Do you feel your need of Christ/ Do you see your need of Christ/ Have you come to the end of your way where you must look to Christ and Him alone as your Substitute, as the One who died in your place/ Have you signed your death warrant meaning you have acknowledged in your heart that you deserve to go to Hell, you ought to go to Hell, and if God sends you to Hell, you will get your just dues/ It is then, and only then, that you look to Christ, because He is the only One left to whom you can turn. Have you come to see and to know and to acknowledge that you are utterly lost, and that you are at your wit's end [Ps. 107;27], and have been made to cry out of the depths of your heart, from your distressed soul, ''Lord, save me, or I perish... Lord, be merciful to me the sinner''/ If you have, then you are pardoned. As some old divine has said, based upon God's Word, ''Salvation is knowing yourself, and knowing Christ.'' No one will flee to Christ until he has first come to know himself. There are 2 prayers that every awakened sinner can pray; first, ''Lord, show me myself,'' second, ''Lord, show me Christ.'' I must be frank with you, it will cost you everything in the world that you have, or ever hope to have to get to Christ, because ''believing on Christ'' means surrendering everything, giving up everything. If you are not willing to surrender everything, according to Luke 14;33, if you are not willing for Christ to be Lord of your heart and life, then forget about ever being saved. Just make up your mind that you are goung to Hell, and stop trying to make God come to your terms. I leave these pungent words with you, and may the Holy Spirit take them to your heart. If He does, you will soon be writing me, ''Thank you, Brother Foltz, for being true to me. I am now rejoicing in Christ, as my Lord and Saviour.'' Ever Your Friend, Paul W. Foltz DD

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