Friday, April 24, 2009


There is a widespread theory going about today that is alarming and dangerous. Replacement Theology teaches that the church has taken the place of Israel, since she rejected Christ, as her messiah, and receives the promises of blessing given to the ethnic, geopolitical nation, that God raised up through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. However, it doesn't teach that the church receives the judgmments. Those still go to ethnic, geopolitical Israel. How can the promised judgments be literally fulfilled, but the promised blessings be transferred to someone else without doing serious violence to the obvious intention of the original promise/ Although the sweep of the text may be enlarged and expanded, the original promise must retain its validity, or we have not only compromised the integrity of Scripture but the character of God. Although ''marred in the hand of the potter,'' Israel will be ''made again'' [Jeremiah 18;4]. Jesus promised that; 1, The nation will one day accept Him -Matthew 23;39]. 2, The Kingdom will be restored to Israel [Acts 1;6-7; 3;19-21]. 3, The withered, cut off branches will be grafted in again, and ''so all Israel will be saved'' [Romans 11;23, 26].

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