Monday, March 2, 2009


Upon the cross, on Calvary, the blessed Redeemer died. He died to make the payment for all the sins of those, whom The Father had given to Him in The Covenant of Grace, thereby actually securing their Redemption. The price He paid, was His own precious, innocent Blood. And He gave it all. When the Roman spear pierced His side out came blood and water. He shed all of His blood to save me. And He shed all of His blood to save you. It took all of His blood to save me. It took all of his blood to save you. How this does away with the emotional jibberish, ''each drop of blood bought mme a million years, a soul was saved each time He shed a tear.'' NO; It took all of his Blood. Just as the sacrificialb's throat was cut, so it would bleed out, and then any residue was destroyed by the fire of the Brazen Altar, so Christ shed all of His blood for me freely. He took my place; and if you are saved, He took yours. He died as our Substitute.

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